We specialize in LiteWriters (light-up menu boards) with lenticular designs, customized for your business. Our team of experts who use the latest technology for incorporating creativity into your basic concept and materializing it into the perfect lenticular posters. They offer several different effects which can be used singly or in amalgamation with each other on a single billboard, poster or print of any kind. Please take a few moments to view what we have to offer and contact us today so that we can be of service to you.

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Lenticular Posters

Whether you want a captivating poster for your next campaign or want to market your next big release there could be no better way to do so than through lenticular posters. These posters employ the latest technology for incorporating tremendous amount of depth and graphics to the pictures. In this way you can have appealing effects incorporated into the most static displays which add an extra boost to the poster.

Over the years these posters have gained tremendous popularity as highly effective marketing tools. The extent to which creativity is employed through the art work makes them stand out amongst other posters near by. Thus they are not just economical marketing tools but can also be used for exhibition purposes, indoor or outdoor poster advertising, wall, floor or ceiling in-store displays, billboards and promotions.

From Our Website

You're a creator who has a story to tell, a design problem to solve, a place to make beautiful. We're inventors who specialize in the lenticular printing process, creating animated print solutions from inspired ideas and bringing your vision to life. Tracer was founded in White Plains, NY, offering lenticular printing services and lenticular products across the US, but has since expanded into Photo Gifts, Photo Wall Dcor and Specialty Products for large retailers. Enterprising clients value our ability to innovate and engineer new products, with a focus on increasing product offerings and expanding markets in their respective industries.

Animated gift cards ensure that your cards stand out among the others on store shelves. Lenticular gift cards provide a win for both retailers and consumers. Retailers enjoy a considerable boost in gift card sales, and consumers can give a genuinely unique and special gift. Tracer's gift cards are unique in that the animation activates in a side to side direction, so consumers see the animation in play as they pass the shelf. Grab a piece of this multi-billion dollar industry with lenticular gift cards that act as a brand extension of your company.

At Tracer, we know that it's the little things that matter most. Our lenticular photo printing and gifts help you celebrate the little and big moments in your life in an animated, easy to share way. We offer four different effects for you to choose, letting you personalize your own unique lenticular print: 2-Flip, 3-Flip, Zoom, and Flip-Zoom. Our custom builder makes it easy for you to create your own Action Pictures; simply upload your photos, choose your effect, and compose your prints! From your baby's first steps to Grandma's 90th, Action Pictures captures your special moments and everything in between.

Whether the back wall of a trade show booth, fine art lenticular prints, or simply a large, jaw-dropping addition to a display, adding large format lenticular graphics captivates prospects more effectively than static graphics or video on a digital display! Tracer has developed a patented alignment system for direct to lens printing, that allows us to align the lens to the bed of the printer perfectly straight. What this means to you, is animations that perform crisp and clean, with no undesirable corner to corner roll often introduced when laminating a print to a lenticular lens.