Magnifying business cards. For a free sample, go to and click on SAMPLE. My customers report that their clients just love the MagniCards, wouldn't go anywhere without them, and show them to all their friends. It's hard to beat that kind of reception to a promotional item. You might think only seniors would be interested. Not so. Many young eyes can use help with the fine print on maps, medicine labels and food ingredients. Virtually all the oldsters and about half the youngsters will keep the Magnifier in their wallets, permanently!

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  Person Elliot Josephson
  City Menlo Park, CA
  Zip Code 94025
  Phone Number (650) 400-9033

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Elliot Josephson


I'm Elliot Josephson, a senior, a retired engineer and an inventor (11 patents). I became interested in magnifiers in 2004 simply because I needed one to see well enough to pay a restaurant tab. Sensing a business opportunity, I invented a way of printing photos in full color on wallet-sized magnifier cards, named it MagniCard, and started a second career.