Years of knowledge at your service! Hiatt Printing originated as a franchise of Postal Instant Press when Dave and Jane Hiatt assumed ownership of an existing franchise on April 1, 1974 at 1118 now 1716 North Wheeling in Muncie. In 1985, a satellite store was added at 506 N. McKinley in the Ball State Village, targeting the college community.

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  City Muncie, IN
  Zip Code 47303
  Address 1716 North Wheeling Av # 1
  Phone Number (765) 289-7756

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Spencer Printing is a full service printing company featuring digital pre-press in both a Macintosh & PC environments, sheet-fed multi-color printing, and full-service bindery and finishing. We can produce business ensembles, flyers, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, calendars, labels, menus, full-color posters and many other custom pieces.

There are many different ways we promote ideas, actions, and emotions - newspapers, letters, conversation, billboards, television and magazines to name a few. All of these, as well as others, convey a message, though some have more of a lasting impression than others. To graphic designers, communication is foremost. Here at Hiatt Design, we welcome the challenge to promote identity, quality, and an overall lasting impact in your visual solution. Successful printing, that is. More and more, our customers are bringing in their own work to be printed.

More and more, our customers are bringing in their own work to be printed. There are several programs that make this process easier by providing tools for the user to collect everything needed for their prints. This saves time and hassle for both the customer and print provider. Below are some helpful instructions for doing this successfully. Be sure that Copy Fonts, Copy Linked Graphics and Update Graphic Links In Package are all checked. Type a name for the folder of all the packaged files and save it to the desktop.

We also have high volume production equipment if your needs are larger or you just want a hands free alternative. Just drop off and pick up! We'll do the work for you.

A clean and simple file will print faster and be less likely to encounter problems. Even if it looks okay on your screen, it still may not print correctly. If you can't see it on your screen, it may still print. Instead of covering up things you don't want to print, make sure you delete them. Details which are too fine or complicated masks may be difficult for the printer to process. If you're having trouble printing on your printer at home or work, we will probably have the same problem. Some programs allow you to package your file for a printing service provider.