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  City Butler, WI
  Zip Code 53007
  Address 12820 West Glendale Avnue
  Phone Number (262) 790-2740

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We are an innovate flexographic labeling & printing company that provides state-of-the-art pressure sensitive label solutions, complete label design and program management services to a broad range of industries with a strong focus on being highly responsive to our customers' needs. Our mission is to be the most customer-focused provider of product branding and identification solutions. With over 30 years of experience serving the industrial, consumer, food & beverage, automotive, and appliance sectors, Flexo-Graphics understands the ever-changing needs of its customers.

The company was established in 1983 in Milwaukee, WI with the goal of exceeding customers' expectations. Today that goal remains unchanged as we build true partnerships with our customers. With over 30 years of experience serving the industrial, consumer, food & beverage, automotive, and appliance sectors, Flexo-Graphics understands the ever-changing needs of its customers. We are flexible, responsive, innovative, and committed to mutual success with our customers. In 2019 the owners of Flexo-Graphics decided to partner with Inovar Packaging (a packaging portfolio company owned by AEA investors).

Flexo-Graphics' vision is to supply customers within each of our serviced industries, a broad range of branding, identification, security and functional parts which will identify, enhance and add value to each of their products. In order to achieve this Flexo-Graphics is actively working to expand labeling capabilities and services to provide a unique value proposition. The company is headquartered in southeastern Wisconsin and is managed by an experienced team of owners. Flexo-Graphics is an ISO certified company with state of the art flexo and digital equipment, keeping us on the cutting edge of technology.

The Right Source - Our experienced label printing professionals are committed to giving you high-quality labeling solutions every time. We rely on Lean Manufacturing Principles and continuous quality improvement audits. As an ISO 9001 certified facility and UL/CSA certified source, we offer peace of mind for our customers that includes a culture of annual cost downs. We utilize our complete in-house flexo and digital processes to produce labels that last the life of your products. For new product introductions, we offer rapid prototype labels and quick turns on short-run jobs.

Medical Device and Product labels have a high standard of guidelines to live up to. Flexo-Graphics has produced many unique label constructions that have been used in many different medical applications. The labels are all very different in need and requirement. Some serve a functioning purpose on a device. We produce instruction labels for medical kits and devices as well as the booklet label you commonly see on an over the counter drug or vitamin. Intricate die-cuts and very tight measurement specs are very common as is product sterilization once the label is applied.

Home and personal care labels have to last through constant handling and look great so they engage your customer. We can print these labels both flexo and digital. Digital allows us to rapidly print short runs with vibrant color and photographic quality. We provide Home and personal care labels in any shape and material to match your container or package. Flexo-Graphics has an extensive library of die to create any shape label for any shape container - jugs, trigger bottles, containers with handles, and more.

Today's consumers are more health conscience due to increasing awareness of what is in food and what our bodies need for proper nutrition. Almost half of all Americans use nutraceuticals and vitamins as a cost-effective way to stay healthy. Some of the products in this category include vitamins and supplements, protein powders, drink powders to enhance your exercise routine and many other products to bridge the gap in what they are not getting from their daily diet. If you are looking to reach customers in this booming industry, then the right label is important for grabbing their attention.

Labels accommodating a diverse range of products printed on a wide range of materials. We produce eye-catching labels that help your brand stand out as well as highly engnineered labels that function in difficult applcations and environments. Flexo-Graphics has been serving the battery industry and industrial markets for over 30 years. With industry proven label constructions and 1000's of dies in stock, Flexo-Graphics is perfectly positioned to help with your unique requirements. Flexo-Graphics offers state of the art digital solutions for labels.